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Cinnamomum camphora of the lauraceae family. Produced in China our white camphor is a colourless, mobile oil with a fresh penetrating aroma. It is made by distilling crystals found in the wood of the tree. Only white camphor is used in Aromatherapy as the other fractions contain safrol which is carcinogenic. Long used for ceremonial purposes in the Far East and for its insecticidal properties. It is a strong stimulant and should be used with care.
As a strong stimulant this oil can produce a wide-awake feeling for some people. It should not be used at night, otherwise a good night’s sleep might be elusive.

Methods of use: Massage and vaporisation.

Cautions: Do not use during pregnancy – Not to be used by epileptics – Contra indicated with homeopathic remedies – Can irritate the skin so the dilution should be kept low. ½% or 1%.

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