Monoi de Tahiti


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Monoi de Tahiti originates from the beautiful coral atolls of the south Pacific ocean. It is made in the traditional way by soaking Gardenia Taitensis blossoms (Tiare flowers) in rich purified coconut oil.
A combination of the cocnut oil’s natural and anti fungal abilities and the natural antiseptic properties of the gardenia oil ( rich in methyl salicylate) ensures a significant protection of the epidermis against mycosis and dermatitis.
Monoi is an ancient Tahitian word meaning ‘scented oil’. Many ‘Vahines’ the beautiful women of Tahiti, use Monoi de Tahiti daily to hydrate and protect their skin and to condition their hair.

Use after shower, bath or swim and as a pre shampoo. Add a few drops to hot bath for relaxation and to keep skin hydrated.

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