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Commiphora myrrha
species of the burseraceae family. Pure myrrh essential oil distilled from myrrh oleoresin. Pure myrrh essential oil is an amber, viscous liquid with a subtle but strong, rich, balsamic aroma. Myrrh is an expensive oil and is often diluted. Our myrrh is characterised by its strength and depth of aroma and is backed up by a classic GLC profile.
As it has a risk of chronic toxicity if used frequently in massage or if taken orally it is not widely used. However, it may be used in a cream base to protect the skin during the cold of winter.

Methods of use: Bath, massage, skin care, vaporisation and disinfectant

Cautions: Do not use during pregnancy – Use in a low concentration if treating a large area or a smaller area regularly, 1% or less.

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