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Myristica fragrans
from the myristicaceae family. Our Nutmeg oil is produced in Indonesia from the dried nutmeg seeds and is considered superior to that produced in West India. The pale yellow oil has a warm, spicy aroma and blends well with other spice oils. This stimulating and invigorating oil can also be combined with Cypress, lemon, Lime , Rosemary & Tea Tree.
A warm and stimulating oil with properties similar to Cinnamon. Refreshing after a draining day. Usually it is popular during the cold season especially at Christmas along with Clove and Orange. Whilst oral ingestion of Nutmeg may have psychotropic effect.

Methods of use: Bath, vaporisation, massage.

Cautions: May irritate sensitive skin. Use in concentrations of 1% or less. Do not use during pregnancy or labour. Can cause complications if pethidine is being used. Do not use on babies or young children.

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