Pine Needle


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Pinus sylvestris of the pinaceae family. Also known as Scots pine or Norwegian pine. Pine essential oil dry distilled from the needles only. Pinus sylvestris is one of the safest and most used aromatherapy pine oils. A clear oil with a therapeutic, dry-balsamic, pine aroma.
This oil has invigorating properties and is found by many to be a stimulant. It is often combined with Eucalyptus for inhalations during the winter when there are a lot of cold germs around. It is also a useful oil to include in a sports blend for massage

Methods of use: Bath (as with all oils added to a bath it must be diluted in a carrier), massage, vaporisation and disinfectant.

Cautions: Make sure that fresh oil is used, as old, oxidised oil is a potential irritant – Do not use during the first four months of pregnancy – May irritate sensitive skin – Use in a concentration of 1% or less.

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