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Sesame Seed oil (Sesamum indicum) is a vegetable oil, sometimes known as benne, that is used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy massage. It is one of the oldest herbs specifically grown for its seeds. Egyptians ground it to produce flour and the Roman soldiers mixed sesame with honey to give them extra strength for their long military campaigns.
The sesame oil is extracted from raw seeds or seeds which have been roasted prior to being pressed. The latter oil is dark and smoky red and is often used in Chinese cooking. The natural oil is light in colourand slightly nutty to taste. Sesame seed oil is comparatively stable and does not turn rancis on contact with the air.
Sesame seed oil is high in Vitamin E, B complex vitamins, and the minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

It is a good source of vegetable protein and comparatively rich in lecithin
Because Sesame Seed oil is high in calcium, it is not acid forming, and can be considered to be a good laxative for those suffering from stomach disorders.

Latine Name: Sesamum indicum

The oil can be used in skincare as a natural moisturiser

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